just imagine for a bit the exact moment when the marauders told moony they’d become animagi to support him

imagine the three of them arguing over how they should break the news
james insists they go big or go home, and set up some a scenario where they “have” to transform in front of him, but nobody else
sirius says that they should transform multiple times in his peripheral vision, and change back when he looks just to creep him out a little (cause its fun you know) and then surprise him with the news
peter thinks they should show him in the dormitory because thats safest and none of them will give in one bit

they butt heads so much that remus hears them when he walks by. he asks what the deal is and gets a flustered james explaining the situation to him because damn it those two are complete dunderheads and have no idea how to surprise someone with good news, isn’t his idea the best one??

and there’s a pause when they all realize that prongs just fucking spoiled it

and remus takes a moment to digest the situation and oh god his friends did all this to help him out

i’m not saying he starts to cry, but i’m also not saying that he doesn’t


i am supremely pleased with this, it’s not even that these are my perfect fancasts for james and lily, but they’re a fuckload better than the movies, THEY DIED YOUNG, THAT WAS PART OF THE WHOLE TRAGEDY OF IT, THEY DIDN’T DIE IN THEIR EARLY FORTIES AFTER HAVING LIVED MOST OF THEIR WHOLE LIFE AND THEN FINALLY SETTLING DOWN TO HAVE A KID, oh no i made myself sad, but sigh, i have a lot of feelings about the marauders and lily (via laurellas)

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“1. Get more sleep
2. Drink more water
3. Get more exercise
4. Read more
5. Get more organized
6. Clean more often
7. Explore more
8. Relax more
9. Have more patience
10. Be happy”

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you don’t understand how hard it is to take a selfie when you’re ugly

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It is our c h o i c e s, Harry, that show who we t r u l y are, far more than our abilities. 

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Muggle AU where James and Lily don’t know each other but end up at the same costume party dressed up as two members of a famous fictional couple and everyone makes them take pictures together and quote lines from the movie and it starts out really awkward but then Sirius, dressed as a pirate, finds them making out in the bathroom


i actually don’t know why it’s so popular in fanon that seeing james in the library was a miracle and completely unheard of

i mean he spent three years trying to accomplish some very dangerous and complex magic to help out a friend and succeeded when he was fifteen that sounds like it would warrant a trip or two to the library

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I love how tumblr is so hell bent on their being a Marauders movie they will probably end up making it themselves

wow this is scarily well done



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fuckin hero

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favourite celebrity meme » favorite photoshoots [2/5]
Esquire UK (2014)

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Quotes from the Harry Potter Books [28/50]

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a kid at hogwarts who just wants to get a proper education but can’t focus because of all of the shit harry potter and his friends keep getting themselves into



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